About us

Sustainability Lab is a point of reference for the dissemination of academic research on corporate sustainability to companies, professionals and communities.

Why Sustainability?

Sustainability refers to the creation of value which is shared between companies and its stakeholders in the long term. Corporate sustainability means creating business and operational practices that improve corporate competitiveness and at the same time enhance environmental, social and governance (ESG) conditions in the communities in which companies operate.

Why Lab?

The main research objectives of the Sustainability Lab are:

  • To identify corporate sustainability approaches and best practices
  • To monitor most recent regulatory developments about corporate responsibility and sustainability reporting
  • To analyse and share successful corporate reporting practices at (inter)national level
  • To map and analyse governance and sustainability management systems
  • To monitor and influence development of sustainability standards and frameworks
  • To observe the impact of corporate sustainability practices on community wellbeing and public services (e.g., health, education).